I have been formally associated with FEEM for a short time, and although I am not an economist, but only a journalist, it was a worthwhile experience. Journalism requires you to improve your in-depth understanding of economic facts, and to report them with an unbiased approach, free from creeds, false representations or ideologies. FEEM’s scientific output has helped decision makers and even economic journalists to make the right decisions or, in the worst case, make fewer mistakes. Indeed, FEEM culture has contributed to society’s new awareness of the need for sustainable development.
Ferruccio de Bortoli
Editor in Chief, Corriere della Sera
Sound policy decisions are both dependent on robust analysis as well as passionate political debate. FEEM has established itself as a prime location for robust analysis thereby making a valuable contribution to inform European and international environmental and energy policy. If FEEM wouldn't exist, there would be an urgent need to invent it.
Jos Delbeke
Deputy Director General, DG Environment, European Commission
For twenty years, FEEM has pioneered innovation and driven excellence in economic policy research. They have made seminal contributions on the topics of state-owned enterprises, privatization, and government investment vehicles. We at Monitor Group are, therefore, delighted to have inaugurated our new partnership with FEEM to assemble the most comprehensive data on the investment activities of Sovereign Wealth Funds, which together represent an increasingly important pool of capital in the global economy. We look forward to furthering together the public dialog and academic research in this area. Congratulations on your first twenty years.
Mark B. Fuller
Chairman, Monitor Group
I have been get acquainted with FEEM over the last years and I have strongly appreciated the rigour of the analysis, especially in the field of privatization, the independence of judgement, and the extraordinary involvement in its activities by top rank domestic and international opinion-makers. FEEM's output is outstanding, and particularly useful when new insights and reliable facts are needed in corporate decision making.
Gabriele Galateri
Chairman, Telecom Italia
FEEM is well appreciated by academics, analysts and operators because it produces excellent research work in many fields of applied economics. I have grown to appreciate FEEM’s work on two domains that were the subject of my research and in which I have acquired some operational experience as well. These two domains are privatisations and related issues on the one side, the economics of energy on the other. In both fields I have found FEEM’s research work and publications of extraordinary interest, for their originality, robustness and focus. FEEM’s output associates the ability to master state-of-the art methodologies, that is usual for first level research work, with the capacity of addressing “real world” policy relevant issues, that is unfortunately less common. I hope that FEEM continues along the same direction in the future.
Gian Maria Gros-Pietro
Università LUISS – Guido Carli, Roma
During the past twenty years, FEEM has established itself as a leader in the field of environmental and resource economics. The Foundation has remarkable accomplishments that have had genuine impact!
Alan J. Heeger
University of California, Santa Barbara, Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry
I have had the privilege of working with FEEM researchers since its founding 20 years ago. Over those two decades I have seen FEEM grow to become the dominate European research institution bringing economic thinking to public policy questions in the areas of energy, environment and natural resources. FEEM’s ability to bridge across disciplines and serve as a catalyst for the development of multi-disciplinary research networks is unmatched throughout the world.
Ray Kopp
Resources for the Future
Over the last twenty years FEEM has grown to become a leading institutions among international research centres, fostering the exchange of knowledge and experience. A key feature of its activities is the variety of interests and research pursued. All its diverse activities, however, share a unifying inspiring principle which is fundamental today, in a world hit by a deep crisis, and for future endeavors. Such principle is the quest for social responsibility of the actors of the economic and political sphere; the appeal to be always forward looking and the warning against "pense' unique".
Piergaetano Marchetti
Chairman, Fondazione Corriere della Sera
Energy, environmental and resource economics are closely intertwined and are at the centre of the new political economy. In two decades FEEM has become a leading institution for research, analysis and policy suggestions in these areas. The work done is based both on in house work and on the activation of a world wide network of scholarly activities. The influence and authority acquired by FEEM make the Foundation a leading, recognized forum for analysis and action towards sustainable growth and global prosperity.
Rainer Masera
Dean, Economics Faculty, Università Guglielmo Marconi - Roma, and former Italian Minister of Budget and Economic Planning
The Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei is an excellence of the city of Milan and a precious resource for its development. Its highly qualified scientific support represents a strategic asset for our territorial policies and for the identification of effective, sustainable and competitive solutions in key areas such as energy, the economy, the environment, outreach and public and private governance. We are grateful to FEEM for its important scientific contribution to the city of Milan and to our country. We will rely on its authoritative research and outstanding ability to work as a system and to suggest efficient and shared decisions for the sustainability of our future.
Letizia Moratti
Mayor of Milan
FEEM is more commonly known as a premier European institution that contributes o the welfare of our society by providing scholarly analyses and forecasts of wide range of economic issues that span environmental and natural resource sectors.
Daniel G. Nocera
FEEM has been in existence for twenty years now, and I recall very clearly the time when this institution was established. During this time, FEEM has set a very high standard of scholarly work. In the field of energy economics this institution has done pioneering research which, I am sure, has not only been of value to Italy but to the international community. Indeed, FEEM is clearly an inspiring example for other institutions around the world. I wish the researchers of FEEM a very bright future.
Rajendra K. Pachauri
Chairman, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Nobel Peace Price 2007
The meteoric rise of the Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei during the last twenty years is an inspiration to research organizations around the globe. FEEM's researchers have produced a steady stream of top-flight research on important questions. Its visionary leaders made the early, and prescient, decision to emphasize environmental economics -- a field that has seen a rapid expansion in research activity and an even faster growth of policy interest. Research disseminated by FEEM is highly regarded by scholars everywhere, and FEEM has become a gathering point for conferences and research meetings that support intellectual exchange among the international community of researchers. A truly remarkable first two decades!
James Poterba
Mitsui Professor of Economics at MIT and President of the National Bureau of Economic Research
FEEM has been an authoritative think-tank and an important school of leadership in our country. The great achievement of people such as Franco Reviglio and Franco Bernabé, who forcefully wanted and supported FEEM, and of Domenico Siniscalco, who created and led it for many years, has been the promotion of strands of research fields which eventually strongly affected the economic and social progress of our country. I hope that FEEM will maintain its ability to "fly high", to grow up new generations of women and men endowed with a long term vision, and to provide a meeting point for different experiences and brains.
Alessandro Profumo
CEO, UniCredit
In 1989, when I came back from the US, I started to get acquainted with FEEM, in the beginning as a researcher interested in its publications. In the last five years I was also involved in the Italgas Award first and in the Eni Award later. Today FEEM is one the most important European sources of research and information on environmental and resource economics and the network of institutions, scholars and expert connected with the Foundation delivers excellent research products also in other economic issues. It has done all that in 20 years. I hope that FEEM continues along the same direction in the future.
Francesco Profumo
Rector, Politecnico di Torino
FEEM is doing an excellent job in advanced research on the economics of energy and environment, in high-level training of young scholars, in the clarification of issues and dissemination of knowledge to a wide public. It is greatly contributing to establishing a tradition of strong company foundations effectively devoted to the pursuit of the public interest in Italy and in Europe, where the role of private foundations has long been relatively weak. It is influential and authoritative and it may gain further reputation by consolidating its independence with respect to any private interest.
Pippo Ranci
Università Cattolica, Milano and European University Institute
Twenty years ago as Eni president I had a dream: to build in Italy a research foundation, which was missing at the time, to produce and disseminate the wide range of analyses required to support policy makers to work out public policy decisions. The model I had in mind was the Brookings Institution, and the main areas of interest energy, the environment, the privatization challenges and other key economic topics. The Fondazione Mattei was born with this mission. Twenty years later I can express deep satisfaction for the results achieved, not only because the institution has brilliantly fulfilled its mission, but also because it has gained a general consideration among similar institutions worldwide, attracting prestigious international scholars and helping to train a large group of young Italian researchers.
Franco Reviglio
Università di Torino
During the last 20 years FEEM has established itself as a leading research center. It has sponsored important theoretical and empirical studies in its area of specialization and has disseminated the findings quite effectively. Bringing together leading scholars and organizing training workshops FEEM has made a very significant contribution to the spreading of applied research worldwide.
Arrigo Sadun
Executive Director, International Monetary Fund
Since its founding just twenty years ago, the Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei has emerged as Europe's leading center of enlightened scholarship and meaningful outreach in the key domain of environmental, resource, and energy economics. Its research, publications, conferences, and meetings are on a par with the best in the world, which is why FEEM is able to bring together the best scholars from around the world to work effectively with leaders from private industry, non-governmental organizations, and governments on many of the most pressing issues of the day.
Robert N. Stavins
Harvard University
Over the last twenty years, FEEM has built a strong international network and its research has left its imprint in a variety of fields, from environmental economics to industrial structures, from privatization to corporate governance. A success story for policy-oriented academic research.
Jean Tirole
Université de Toulouse

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