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Towards Italian Decarbonisation and Energy Sustainability - TIDES


Decarbonising the economy is the final goal and greatest challenge of the European Union climate policy.  To maintain the EU leadership in climate action and accomplish such ambition each Member State must contribute to the EU proposed policies, while taking into account their specific situation as well as potential domestic barriers. A constant evaluation of the policies implemented is thus needed in order to monitor the process, verify whether successful outcomes are achieved, and identify risks that may hinder compliance. Moreover, the design and assessment of future policies requires permanent coordination and consultation between the European Commission and its Member States in an iterative manner. This project aims to facilitate the coordination and consultation process between Italy and the European Commission in the design of future decarbonised and energy sustainable scenarios. 

For this purpose, a national initiative brings together the Italian government and several national public and private research institutions organised in four Working Groups in charge of the following tasks:

  1. Definition and inventory of general assumptions regarding climatic and socio-economic drivers to design an Italian reference and decarbonisation scenario.
  2. Inventory of technological assumptions considering technologies available at present as well as the potential development and deployment of future breakthrough technologies.
  3. Critical analysis of existing decarbonisation studies focusing on Italy in order to propose new reference and decarbonisation scenarios to be designed and assessed in coordination with the European Commission.
  4. Synthesis of the new scenarios gathering results from the other Working Groups summarised in a set of indicators that will be put forward to the Italian government as a portable instrument (Dashboard) to be used for international negotiations.

FEEM contributes to Working Group 3 with its expertise in mitigation and decarbonisation analysis, and coordinates Working Group 4 collecting all contributions from the other Working Groups in a coordinated final assessment.


Agenzia nazionale per le nuove tecnologie, l'energia e lo sviluppo economico sostenibile (ENEA) 

Banca d’Italia 

Centro Elettronico Sperimentale Italiano (CESI) 


Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR) 

Gestione Servizi Energetici (GSE) 

Istituto nazionale di statistica (ISTAT) 

Istituto Superiore per la Protezione e la Ricerca Ambientale (ISPRA)

Ministero dell’Ambiente e della Tutela del Territorio e del Mare 

Ministero dell’Economia e delle Finanze  (MEF) 

Ministero dell’Istruzione, dell’Università e della Ricerca (MIUR) 

Ministero delle Infrastrutture e dei Trasporti (MIT) 

Ministero delle Politiche Agricole, Alimentari e Forestali (MIPAAF)

Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico 

Politecnico di Milano 

Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri, Dipartimento Politiche Europee

Regione Lombardia 

Ricerca Sistema Energetico (RSE) 

Surname NameRole
Bosello Francesco Climate Change Economic Impacts and Adaptation (EIA) Program Coordinator
Campagnolo Lorenza Junior Researcher
Carraro Carlo  
De Cian Enrica Senior Researcher
Eboli Fabio Research Associate
Farnia Luca Researcher
Parrado Ramiro Senior Researcher
Tavoni Massimo Mitigation, Innovation and Transformation Pathways (MITP) Program Coordinator

Start Date: January 2016

End Date:
December 2016