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Life is a Balancing Act
by Valentina Bosetti
Environment - Video

Based on an amusing “The Low Carbon Grandma” case study (a grandma who heats her home only sparingly and uses a bike to move around, but flies back and forth from the US four times in a year to visit her grandchildren), FEEM senior researcher Valentina Bosetti explains why “Life is a Balancing Act”. This is the second of a series of video lessons prepared by FEEM researchers for NECST, an Erasmus+ project, aimed at the digital and shared production of scientific contents in the field of energy and the environment.

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Why is life a balancing act and how is this related to climate change economics? Valentina Bosetti, Bocconi university professor and FEEM researcher, introduces her lesson by explaining that “climate change economics means trying to understand with economics how to solve the climate change problem”. She continues her explanation by referring to the IPCC report, which “collects all the science that has been produced so far on the science of climate change and climate change economics. It is divided into many chapters, and many scientists and economists have worked to it. And what is interesting about the report, is that many people coming from different disciplines have been trying to look at the problem from their own angle. Then, at the meeting where the report was written, they tried to communicate and talk to people from other disciplines. So the IPCC report is not only an exercise of science, but it’s a kind of exercise of democracy, where different voices have a space. In addition to covering all the disciplines, the attempt is that of covering different countries in the world, so that scientists from developing countries as well as fast-growing countries and developed countries can have their own voice. So most of what I present, is not just what I do, but it is part of this report, and it is the product of a large collective effort....


Prof. Valentina Bosetti
“Life is a Balancing Act”









Valentina Bosetti, Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei and Bocconi University