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Note di lavoro

FEEM circulates a series of Working Papers in English (FEEM "Note di Lavoro") for an academic readership and collecting the output of research in the field of economics, energy and the environment.

FEEM Note di Lavoro that are subsequently published in refereed journals or in books that have undergone review are listed in the Published Articles section.

FEEM Note di Lavoro are included in AgEcon, the Economics Research Institutes Paper Series of SSRN, RePEC, Berkeley University Press, ZBW, JSTOR and in Econlit. The International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) assigned to the online FEEM Note di Lavoro Series is ISSN: 2037-1209.

Authors wishing to submit their paper should use the dedicated web submission tool. For additional information please contact the Publications Office.

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2016.064 Preferences for Energy Efficiency vs. Renewables: How Much Does a Ton of CO2 Emissions Cost?
Anna Alberini, Andrea Bigano, Milan Šcasný, Iva Zverinová
2016.063 Climate-induced International Migration and Conflicts
Cristina Cattaneo, Valentina Bosetti
2016.062 Intermediate Input Linkage and Carbon Leakage
Zengkai Zhang, ZhongXiang Zhang
2016.061 Quantifying the Effects of Expert Selection and Elicitation Design on Experts’ Confidence in their Judgments about Future Energy Technologies
Gregory F. Nemet, Laura Diaz Anadon, Elena Verdolini
2016.060 Investing in Photovoltaics: Timing, Plant Sizing and Smart Grids Flexibility
Marina Bertolini, Chiara D’Alpaos, Michele Moretto
2016.059 Price Competition in Product Variety Networks
Philip Ushchev, Yves Zenou
2016.058 The Strategic Use of Abatement by a Polluting Monopoly
Guiomar Martín-Herrán, Santiago J. Rubio
2016.057 Exploring the Community Structure of Complex Networks
Carlo Drago