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Framework Contract for Economic Support to the European Environment Agency


The European Environment Agency (EEA) began its work at the interface between environment and economics soon after its establishment in 1994. The EEA‘s current and future activities reflect the growing importance of economic approaches in all fields of environmental policy making. The EEA‘s objective is to support and deliver integrated economic analysis including modelling across themes with the focus on cost of policy inaction, cost of measures, benefits of improved environmental quality and ecosystems services, and the role and impact of market-based instruments and environmental tax reform.

In this regard, EEA calls for support of relevant expertise to further developing its work on environmental economics.

FEEM is partner in a Consortium of 18 organisations supporting the EEA in the field of environmental economics, in particular in the three areas: economic aspects of sustainable fresh water management; valuation of biodiversity and ecosystems benefits; market-based instruments and environmental fiscal reform. The Consortium, lead by Ecologic Institute, includes research institutes, think tanks and consultancies and three individual experts from fourteen European countries. FEEM’s key contributions mainly rely on the development of novel modelling tools for the quantitative assessment of economic, environmental and energy policies, namely the inhouse developed WITCH and ICES models.

The objectives of the Consortium are:

  • to provide state-of-the art independent, impartial, timely and – if necessary – rapid advice on economic issues relevant to the EEA‘s activities;
  • to provide practical, policy-oriented recommendations based on a solid and up-todate knowledge of environmental-economic tools, methods and approaches;
  • to assist the EEA in gathering information and data on environmental economics and to conduct environmental-economic analyses and assessments;
  • to support the integration of economic analyses across different environmental themes covered by the EEA;
  • to report and communicate the results of findings to a broad range of clients and stakeholders.

Surname NameRole
Bosello Francesco Climate Change Economic Impacts and Adaptation (EIA) Program Coordinator
Bosetti Valentina Senior Researcher
Giupponi Carlo Research Associate
Mysiak Jaroslav Senior Researcher
Tavoni Massimo Mitigation, Innovation and Transformation Pathways (MITP) Program Coordinator

Start Date: September 2009

End Date:
August 2013