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12 March 2012

FEEM launches its new e-journal the "Review of Environment, Energy and Economics" – Re3

Source: Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei

FEEM is pleased to announce the launch of its open-access, online e-journal, the "Review of Environment, Energy and Economics" - Re3.

The "Review of Environment, Energy and Economics" is a new tool for the dissemination of the work and research-based policy analysis of researchers and leading international scholars, covering the areas of the environment, energy and economics, and offering new insights into the challenges ahead.

Re3 publishes non technical scientific articles and policy-oriented contributions, selected presentations, literature surveys, interviews to leading scholars and experts, short briefs on FEEM research areas and book reviews. It collects both invited contributions and unsolicited submissions, and readers will have the opportunity to comment the posts.

The target readership spans from researchers and academics to policy makers, journalists, professionals, firms, and a general audience of readers wishing to understand the intricacies of the environment-energy-economics challenge. 

FEEM’s e-journal now available online at http://re3.feem.it covers a variety of issues, from the future of solar and clean technologies to foreign direct investments (FDIs), economic impacts of climate change, sustainable development, energy, financial speculation in the oil market and the determinants of the oil price.

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