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Basilicata - Italy

In early 2008, FEEM opened a branch office in Viggiano, a town located in the heart of Val d’Agri in proximity to the oil deposit facility owned and managed by Eni.

FEEM’s mission in Basilicata is the transfer of knowledge and skills and the promotion of advanced training to create a qualified research centre for sustainable development in the South of Italy. The mission is ambitious but its success would produce far-reaching consequences. Human capital and innovation are key drivers of economic development, and by leveraging on the existing networks and skills, FEEM aims at fostering a process of local endogenous growth.



Surname NameRole
Azzato Orazio Consultant
Battafarano Tiziana Consultant
Bellizia Mariarosaria FEEM Staff
Bencivenga Angelo Senior Researcher
Buccino Luisa Researcher
Calabrese Francesco Consultant
Chiarullo Livio Senior Researcher
Colangelo Delio Senior Researcher
Colucci Dario Senior Specialist
De Filippo Marcella Researcher
Ferrara Ernesto Consultant
Forte Francesco Senior Consultant