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FEEM is an independent foundation officially recognized by the President of the Italian Republic in 1989. FEEM has been founded by Eni and 9 of its subsidiaries with an initial endowment of 13 million Euro.

The governance rules, functions and powers of FEEM bodies are set out by the Bylaws. FEEM is guided by a Board of Directors with complete powers for the ordinary and extraordinary administration. The Board is composed of fifteen members and it is chaired by Emma Marcegaglia. The Board of Directors is committed to overseeing the main activities of the Foundation, approving the annual budget and related activities.

FEEM bodies also include the Scientific Advisory Board (Comitato Scientifico), made of nine qualified experts from the scientific, academic and cultural communities and appointed by the Board of Directors. The Scientific Advisory Board provides recommendations on research activities and oversees the work in progress.

The Audit Committee (Collegio dei Revisori), in compliance with the Italian legislation, is composed of three qualified and certified accountants and its Chairman is appointed by the Italian Minister for the Economic Development.

The Executive Director enacts the decisions of the Board of Directors, managing and coordinating the activities of the Foundation, including its offices and staff.

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Board of Directors

Emma Marcegaglia - Chairman

Eugenio Barcellona
Giovanni Bazoli
Maria Elena Cappello
Marta Dassù
Claudio Granata
Cristiano Nicoletti
Giulio Sapelli
Domenico Siniscalco

Executive Director

Sabina Ratti



Scientific Advisory Board

Michel Camdessus (Banque de France) - Chairman

Francesco Casetti (Yale University)
Vincenzo De Luca (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
Lord John Leonard Eatwell (Queens' College Cambridge)
Eliana La Ferrara (Bocconi University)
Ian Ross Macmillan (Bocconi University)
Lord Peter Mandelson (Global Counsel)
Francesca Romanin Jacur (University of Milan)

Audit Committee

Alessandro Bonura - Chairman
Michele Casò
Alberto Giussani

Surveillance Body

Domenico Noviello - Chairman
Manuela Bucca
Simone Pietro Emiliani