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June 1, 2016, Brussels - Bruegel & FEEM Workshop: "Euro-Mediterranean Energy Talks"

The current energy situation in Southern and Eastern Mediterranean countries is characterised by a rapid increase of energy demand, low energy efficiency and low domestic energy prices due to universal energy subsidies. The workshop co-organized by Bruegel and FEEM aims at investigating how the EU could formulate a new cooperation with Southern and Eastern Mediterranean countries to enhance the sustainability of the regional energy systems.

Follow the live streaming broadcasted on our homepage on June 1, 2016 starting at 1.00 p.m.!

June 8, 2016: Conference "Welfare Systems: a Comparison of Historical Experiences"

Building the welfare state has been a significant part of the building of the national states in the 20th century. The European welfare models were then adopted at the global level, but during their “institutional migration” process, they acquired the typical characteristics of the different Countries or geographical areas of destination his workshop aims to promote a debate among experts on welfare systems.
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The new APPS project web site is on-line!

APPS is a FEEM project that contributes to research on the assessment of historical and future trends of SDGs Indicators and to the measurement of the effects of policies designed to improve the countries future sustainability. APPS assesses current well-being and future sustainability based on 27 SDGs related Indicators. The map gives a snapshot of the level of well-being in 139 countries. Click on each country to visualize the score from 0 "not sustainable" to 100 "sustainable".
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The not so Gentle Push: Behavioral Spillovers and Policy Instruments

When induced to behave altruistically, are you going to be more or less pro-social afterwards? In this FEEM working paper, Giovanna d’Adda, Valerio Capraro and Massimo Tavoni  find out using online experiments with economic games.
"How persistent is altruism, and what is the best way to promote altruistic behaviour? This paper seeks to answer this question using a large online experiment with more than 3000 people. We show that traditional policy instruments do a better job than 'nudges' in inducing altruism and in maintaining it over time."

Exploring the Potential for Energy Efficiency in Turkey

In this FEEM Working Paper, FEEM researcher Simone Tagliapietra explores the potential for energy efficiency gains in Turkey.
"Over the last decades Turkey has not substantially improved its energy efficiency performance. This is a paradox, because Turkey would greatly benefit from energy efficiency both in terms of security of supply and economic sustainability. The paper seeks to highlight the considerable potential for energy savings in Turkey, and to outline a potential way forward to exploit this potential."

The Political Economy of Energy Innovation

In this FEEM working paper, FEEM researchers S. Dasgupta, E. De Cian and E. Verdolini find that political economy factors significantly affect the incentives to innovate and create cleaner energy efficient technologies.
“Our results suggest that all political economy and institutional factors considered affect the incentive to invest in energy R&D and to create new clean and energy-efficient technologies. This means that, to foster the transition towards a greener economy, countries should combine stringent environmental regulations with a general improvement of institutions and governance.”

Best Climate Practices (BCP) Contest: Expanding Access to Climate Financing

Do you have innovative ideas to expand the access to climate financing? One month left to join the Best Climate Practices 2016 Contest! We are looking for ideas and projects designed to raise and drive financial support toward local, small-scale mitigation and adaptation actions to increase inclusiveness and simplify access to climate finance. Find out more!

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