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FEEM disseminates its research results through a broad range of publications addressed to both the academic and non academic readerships.

FEEM’s Annual Reports provide a general overview of FEEM activities, while updates and highlights on research, events and publications are provided by FEEM’s electronic bi-monthly Newsletter, FEEM News.

FEEM has two Book Series:

  • Edward Elgar Publishing, FEEM Series on "Economics, the Environment and Sustainable Development"
    Editorial Board: Kenneth Arrow, William Baumol, Partha Dasgupta, Karl-Göran Mäler, Ignazio Musu, Henry Tulkens, Carlo Carraro (Series Editor)
  • Il Mulino, Collana della Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei
    Editorial Board: Geminello Alvi, Carlo Carraro, Gianmarco I.P. Ottaviano, Alberto Quadrio Curzio, Domenico Siniscalco, Guido Tabellini, Giuseppe Sammarco (Series Editor)

Launched in 2014, FEEM’s open-access, digital editorial series, FEEM Press, serves as an outlet for the results of FEEM research, providing an authoritative and up-to-date source of information in the areas of climate change and sustainable development, energy and economics. FEEM Press publishes four series:

  • The Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei Series on “Climate Change and Sustainable Development”
  • The Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei Series on “Economy and Society”
  • The Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei Series on “Energy and Markets”
  • The Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei Series on "Social Innovation and Sustainability"

FEEM circulates a series of Working Papers in English, FEEM "Note di Lavoro", collecting the output of research in the field of economics, energy and the environment, and the presentations made at international workshops and congresses. FEEM Note di Lavoro are included in the Economics Research Institutes Paper Series of SSRN, AgEcon, RePECBerkeley University Press, ZBW and Econlit.

Since 1997, in cooperation with the publisher "il Mulino" FEEM publishes the journal for sustainable development “EQUILIBRI”, targeted to a broad audience of readers.
Editorial Board: Sabina Ratti (Editor), Geminello Alvi, Carlo Carraro, Massimo Livi Bacci, Danilo Mainardi, Domenico Siniscalco

In 2011 FEEM launched an open-access, online e-journal, the Review of Environment, Energy and Economics - Re3, a tool for the dissemination of the work and research-based policy analysis of FEEM researchers and leading international scholars, covering the areas of the environment, energy and economics.

The Published Articles section includes FEEM Note di Lavoro published in refereed journals or in books that have undergone review.

FEEM also publishes Report series on specific topics. The Privatization Barometer Reports, an electronic publication reporting privatisation processes in Europe and around the world; and the Monitor-FEEM Report on Sovereign Wealth Funds - a quarterly and annual report jointly published with Monitor Group from 2008 to 2010.

In 2009 and 2010 FEEM published the FEEM Policy Brief series addressed to policy makers that concisely address key scientific and policy issues, building on the results of the projects carried out within FEEM’s Research Programmes.

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Equilibri 2015.03 - Le classi medie tra ascesa e declino
2015.110 Regional Low-Emission Pathways from Global Models
  Note di lavoro
Heleen van Soest, Lara Aleluia Reis, Detlef van Vuuren, Christoph Bertram, Laurent Drouet, Jessica Jewell, Elmar Kriegler, Gunnar Luderer, Keywan Riahi, Joeri Rogelj, Massimo Tavoni, Michel den Elzen, Aayushi Awasthy, Katherine Calvin, Pantelis Capros, Leon Clarke, Michel Colombier, Teng Fei, Amit Garg, Fernanda Guedes, Mariana Imperio, Mikiko Kainuma, Jiang Kejun, Alexandre C. Köberle, Peter Kolp, Volker Krey, Alban Kitous, Paroussos Leonidas, Andre Lucena, Toshihiko Masui, Larissa Nogueira, Roberta Pierfederici, Bert Saveyn, Roberto Schaeffer, Fu Sha, Bianka Shoai, P.R. Shukla, Thomas Spencer, Alexandre Szklo, Henri Waisman
2015.109 Including System Integration of Variable Renewable Energies in a Constant Elasticity of Substitution Framework: the Case of the WITCH Model
  Note di lavoro
Samuel Carrara, Giacomo Marangoni
2015.108 The not so Gentle Push: Behavioral Spillovers and Policy Instruments
  Note di lavoro
Giovanna d’Adda, Valerio Capraro, Massimo Tavoni
2015.107 Lessons Learned from Three Decades of Experience with Cap-and-Trade
  Note di lavoro
Richard Schmalensee, Robert N. Stavins
2015.106 Second-Best Analysis of European Energy Policy: Is One Bird in the Hand Worth Two in the Bush?
  Note di lavoro
Michael Hübler, Oliver Schenker, Carolyn Fischer
PB Annual Report 2014-2015
2015.105 The Long Italian Stagnation and the Welfare Effects of Outsourcing
  Note di lavoro
Jacopo Zotti
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