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FEEM disseminates its research results through a broad range of publications addressed to both the academic and non academic readerships:

FEEM "Note di Lavoro/Working Papers", collecting the scientific output of research in the field of economics, energy and the environment. The Published Articles section includes FEEM Note di Lavoro published in peer-reviewed journals or in books that have undergone review.

FEEM Book Series:

  • Edward Elgar Publishing, FEEM Series on "Economics, the Environment and Sustainable Development"
  • Il Mulino, Collana della Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei

FEEM Percorsi, launched in 2017, publishes works on local or national projects, local reports or papers on more general topics.

FEEM Press serves as an outlet for the results of FEEM research, providing an authoritative and up-to-date source of information in the areas of environmental economics, sustainable development, energy and economics.

FEEM Policy Briefs, mainly targeted to policy-oriented audiences.

EQUILIBRI. Rivista per lo sviluppo sostenibile, a biannual Italian journal published in cooperation with the university press "il Mulino" and targeted to a broad audience of readers.

Review of Environment, Energy and Economics - Re3, an e-journal for the dissemination of the work and research-based policy analysis of FEEM researchers and leading international scholars, covering the areas of the environment, energy and economics.

FEEM Annual Reports, providing a general overview of FEEM activities and FEEM News. An electronic bi-monthly Newsletter.

FEEM Reports, the Privatization Barometer Reports on privatisation processes in Europe and around the world; and the Monitor-FEEM Report on Sovereign Wealth Funds.

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2017.032 Warm-Glow Giving in Networks with Multiple Public Goods
  Working Papers "Note di lavoro"
Lionel Richefort
2017.031 Farsighted Stability with Heterogeneous Expectations
  Working Papers "Note di lavoro"
Francis Bloch, Anne van den Nouweland
2017.030 Network Formation and Disruption - An Experiment - Are Efficient Networks too Complex?
  Working Papers "Note di lavoro"
Sonja Brangewitz, Behnud Mir Djawadi, Angelika Endres, Britta Hoyer
2017.029 Collusive Agreements in Vertically Differentiated Markets
  Working Papers "Note di lavoro"
Marco A. Marini
2017.028 Information Design In Coalition Formation Games
  Working Papers "Note di lavoro"
Sareh Vosooghi
2017.027 Mechanisms with Referrals: VCG Mechanisms and Multilevel Mechanisms
  Working Papers "Note di lavoro"
Joosung Lee
2017.026 The Myopic Stable Set for Social Environments
  Working Papers "Note di lavoro"
Thomas Demuynck, P. Jean-Jacques Herings, Riccardo D. Saulle, Christian Seel
2017.025 An Analysis of Water Security under Climate Change
  Working Papers "Note di lavoro"
Federica Cappelli
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