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FEEM disseminates its research results through a broad range of publications addressed to both the academic and non academic readerships:

FEEM "Note di Lavoro/Working Papers", collecting the scientific output of research in the field of economics, energy and the environment. The Published Articles section includes FEEM Note di Lavoro published in peer-reviewed journals or in books that have undergone review.

FEEM Book Series:

  • Edward Elgar Publishing, FEEM Series on "Economics, the Environment and Sustainable Development"
  • Il Mulino, Collana della Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei

FEEM Press serves as an outlet for the results of FEEM research, providing an authoritative and up-to-date source of information in the areas of environmental economics, sustainable development, energy and economics.

FEEM Policy Briefs, mainly targeted to policy-oriented audiences.

EQUILIBRI. Rivista per lo sviluppo sostenibile, a biannual Italian journal published in cooperation with the university press "il Mulino" and targeted to a broad audience of readers.

Review of Environment, Energy and Economics - Re3, an e-journal for the dissemination of the work and research-based policy analysis of FEEM researchers and leading international scholars, covering the areas of the environment, energy and economics.

FEEM Annual Reports, providing a general overview of FEEM activities and FEEM News. An electronic bi-monthly Newsletter.

FEEM Reports, the Privatization Barometer Reports on privatisation processes in Europe and around the world; and the Monitor-FEEM Report on Sovereign Wealth Funds.

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2017.018 The French Nuclear Bet
  Note di lavoro
Quentin Perrier
2017.017 Urban Distribution Centres and Competition among Logistics Providers: a Hotelling Approach
  Note di lavoro
Daniele Crotti, Elena Maggi
2017.016 Optimal Clean Energy R&D Investments Under Uncertainty
  Note di lavoro
Giacomo Marangoni, Gauthier De Maere, Valentina Bosetti
2017.015 A Novel Approach to Estimating the Demand Value of Road Safety
  Note di lavoro
Christoph M. Rheinberger, Felix Schläpfer, Michael Lobsiger
2017.014 Welfare as Simple(x) Equity Equivalents
  Note di lavoro
Loïc Berger, Johannes Emmerling
2017.013 A Simple Framework for Climate-Change Policy under Model Uncertainty
  Note di lavoro
Stergios Athanasoglou, Valentina Bosetti, Laurent Drouet
2017.012 What Factors Affect the Competiveness of Power Generation Sector in China? An Analysis Based on Game Cross-efficiency
  Note di lavoro
Bai-Chen Xie, Jie Gao, Shuang Zhang, ZhongXiang Zhang
2017.011 Extending the Public Sector in the ICES Model with an Explicit Government Institution
  Note di lavoro
Elisa Delpiazzo, Ramiro Parrado, Gabriele Standardi
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