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FEEM disseminates its research results through a broad range of publications addressed to both the academic and non academic readerships:

FEEM "Note di Lavoro/Working Papers", collecting the scientific output of research in the field of economics, energy and the environment. The Published Articles section includes FEEM Note di Lavoro published in peer-reviewed journals or in books that have undergone review.

FEEM Book Series:

  • Edward Elgar Publishing, FEEM Series on "Economics, the Environment and Sustainable Development"
  • Il Mulino, Collana della Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei

FEEM Press serves as an outlet for the results of FEEM research, providing an authoritative and up-to-date source of information in the areas of environmental economics, sustainable development, energy and economics.

FEEM Policy Briefs, mainly targeted to policy-oriented audiences.

EQUILIBRI. Rivista per lo sviluppo sostenibile, a biannual Italian journal published in cooperation with the university press "il Mulino" and targeted to a broad audience of readers.

Review of Environment, Energy and Economics - Re3, an e-journal for the dissemination of the work and research-based policy analysis of FEEM researchers and leading international scholars, covering the areas of the environment, energy and economics.

FEEM Annual Reports, providing a general overview of FEEM activities and FEEM News. An electronic bi-monthly Newsletter.

FEEM Reports, the Privatization Barometer Reports on privatisation processes in Europe and around the world; and the Monitor-FEEM Report on Sovereign Wealth Funds.

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2016.074 Policy- v. Individual Heterogeneity in the Benefits of Climate Change Mitigation: Evidence from a Stated-Preference Survey
  Note di lavoro
Anna Alberini, Milan Šcasný, Andrea Bigano
2016.073 Economic Impacts of El NiƱo Southern Oscillation: Evidence from the Colombian Coffee Market
  Note di lavoro
Andrea Bastianin, Alessandro Lanza, Matteo Manera
2016.072 Junior Farmer Field Schools, Agricultural Knowledge and Spillover Effects: Quasi-experimental Evidence from Northern Uganda
  Note di lavoro
Jacopo Bonan, Laura Pagani
2016.071 Transition Towards a Green Economy in Europe: Innovation and Knowledge Integration in the Renewable Energy Sector
  Note di lavoro
C. Conti, M. L. Mancusi, F. Sanna-Randaccio, R. Sestini, E. Verdolini
2016.070 Informed Trading in Oil-Futures Market
  Note di lavoro
Olivier Rousse, Benoît Sévi
2016.01 Clubs, R&D, and Climate Finance: Incentives for Ambitious GHG Emission Reductions
  Policy Briefs
Carlo Carraro
2016.069 Increasing Anti-Malaria Bednet Uptake Using Information and Distribution Strategies: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment in Senegal
  Note di lavoro
Jacopo Bonan, Philippe LeMay-Boucher, Michel Tenikue
2016.068 Access to Modern Energy: a Review of Barriers, Drivers and Impacts
  Note di lavoro
Jacopo Bonan, Stefano Pareglio, Massimo Tavoni
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