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People and intellectual capital are FEEM’s key resources. It is through the work of FEEM researchers and staff that FEEM disseminates knowledge and awareness of sustainable development. FEEM works with institutions to support the economic and social fabric of our Country. In 2016 there were 134 people working at FEEM. Most of them are researchers, i.e. 56% of the total.

FEEM provides training and support to scientific careers through “incoming” and “outgoing” individual Marie Curie Fellowships, but also through Internships.

Gender auditing has highlighted a slight prevalence of women over men in 2016: 61% women vs 39% men. As far as nationalities are concerned, there is a high number of non Italians. The average age in the three years examined shows that FEEM is a relatively “young” organization.

This section contains the biographies of all the people working at FEEM (listed by surname in alphabetical order). The search can be done by Surname, Role or Location.


Search directly by name:

Surname NameRoleEmailLocation
Alberini Anna Research Associate anna.alberini@feem.it Off-site
Aleluia Da Silva Reis Lara Junior Researcher lara.aleluia@feem.it Milan
Alferj Pasquale Consultant pasquale.alferj@external.feem.it Milan
Alloisio Isabella Senior Researcher isabella.alloisio@feem.it Milan
Amadio Mattia PhD Student mattia.amadio@feem.it Venice
Arata Linda Research Associate linda.arata@external.feem.it Milan
Athanasoglou Stergios Visiting Researcher stergios.athanasoglou@unimib.it Milan
Azzato Orazio Consultant orazio.azzato@feem.it Basilicata
Battafarano Tiziana Consultant tiziana.battafarano@feem.it Basilicata
Bellati Andrea FEEM Staff andrea.bellati@feem.it Milan
Bellizia Mariarosaria FEEM Staff mariarosaria.bellizia@feem.it Basilicata
Bencivenga Angelo Senior Researcher angelo.bencivenga@feem.it Basilicata